Ting's Place   1265 South Public Rd  Lafayette,CO80026   (303) 666-9559
Ting's Place
1265 South Public Rd
LafayetteCO 80026
 (303) 666-9559

Reviews Of Ting's Place

4.63 135 Reviews
Cyan Shaw
Jun 15, 2018

Danny Wall
Jun 12, 2018

The food is always good, and the wait staff is very friendly. If you're in Lafayette, Ting's is a great dinner option. I have never had a bad experience, and would highly recommend.

Goff Gatlin
Jun 11, 2018

What a good place to get some chow, I have been there 3 times now and I’ll be going back. I have also recommended Ting’s place to some friends and will continue to do so and am looking forward to going back.

Antje Sliger
Jun 08, 2018

Love to eat there, never a long wait, and always friendly servers

Aaron Bennett
Jun 06, 2018

Best Chinese restaurant in The entire State of Colorado hands down. I first went to Tibg")'s Place in 1990, we have seriously been enjoying Ting's for nearly 30 years. If I go an entire two weeks without eatingTing's food I crave it. I have probably eaten at Ting's Place at least 300 times. Phenomenal food, and the management is Awesome and service staff are Excellent! They welcome us by name, and we know them too, they make us feel so very welcome, as if they are welcoming us into their home every time we visit to have lunch/Dinner, or get takeout. Their sauces are all so unique. It seems to me thst most chinese restaurants basically have a brown sauce, and a white sauce. So in an average chinese restaurant all the different dishes taste similar. Ting's has the best garlic sauce ever, but all their sauces are stand alone! Just what ive had tgat i can recacal, they make a black bean sauce, ginger sauce, white sauce, brown sauce, Peking sauce, sweet & Sour sauce, they even have an original sauce just for their chicken chow-mein. They've got a rich sauce for the sizzling scallops & Beef that tastes different than any other sauce on the menu and is immensely flavorful. Ting, and their chef now are master sauce makers! Not to mention all the other incresible, he noodle soup, the garlic sauce, oh man they are all so Amazing, the way they delicately sear the scallops so well, and their Wonton Soup is out of this world. I'll be a loyal customer of Ting's Place till they close (Hopefully never) or I did, whichever comes first. Keep up the great work guys!

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