Ting's Place   1265 South Public Rd  Lafayette,CO80026   (303) 666-9559
Ting's Place
1265 South Public Rd
LafayetteCO 80026
 (303) 666-9559

Reviews Of Ting's Place

4.65 161 Reviews
Chad Schneidewind
Sep 17, 2018

Kay Martich
Sep 13, 2018

Randy Land
Sep 08, 2018

Mary Martinez
Sep 07, 2018

Don Meyers
Sep 06, 2018

I've visited Ting's restaurant weekly for many years. With the recent addition of Malaysian cuisine, the menu has expanded to include not only the traditional Chinese entrees but also wonderful Curry dishes. Over the years I've eaten at Most of the best Chinese restaurants in Boulder County and I always come back to Tings. The great food, service, and friendly atmosphere make me feel at home. They have my highest recommendation.

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