Ting's Place   1265 South Public Rd  Lafayette,CO80026   (303) 666-9559
Ting's Place
1265 South Public Rd
LafayetteCO 80026
 (303) 666-9559

Reviews Of Ting's Place

4.60 123 Reviews
Rachel Shafer
May 16, 2018

Kelly Morris
May 11, 2018

Dylan Dingler
May 03, 2018

Friendly staff and decent service. I've had a couple issues while dining here, but I have to give 5 stars based on their seafood noodle soup. I recommend eating here to people who enjoy spicy noodle soup with seafood. The problems that I had were related to my dietary requirements.

Virginia Baca
May 01, 2018

Food was excellent, we had dinner and did the family menu. The only down were the ribs, like chewing rubber. We sent them back and again rubber. Fast wait staff. I will go again.

Ben Huckaby
Apr 28, 2018

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